My Hopeful Hike List

This is a list of hikes that I hope to accomplish during my 47 hikes in my 47th year.  Some will be less challenging and others more challenging. Some I will be with other people, while I will hike alone on others. Weather will be an influence for much of the year here in the North Cascades. Some hikes are bound to be hindered by snow most of the year, so I'll have to plan accordingly. I'm not keen on risking my life during any of these hikes! I'm sure my list will be grow and morph during the year, but it's my "dream list" as of today.

At the Monument above Pilchuk Glass Studio, looking out over Mount Vernon and Anacoretes
I welcome any and all hike suggestions. I enjoy a good view, love hiking in the trees, don't mind snow or rain. All I ask is that they not involve crevasses or require an ice ax and crampons and that they be in the Washington. That's the Green Washington, not the Hot Air Washington. That's not too much to ask, is it? 


Here they are in no particular order, subject to change without notice, blah blah blah:
  1. Sauk Mountain
  2. Thunder Creek
  3. Thunder Knob
  4. Blue Lake (North Cascades)
  5. Blue Lake (Glacier Peak)
  6. Baker Lake
  7. Baker River
  8. Lake Twenty-Two 8/2012
  9. Mount Pilchuk 8/2012
  10. Mount Constitution in Moran State Park 1/27/2012
  11. Deception Pass including Rosario Beach, Goose Rock & more  5/15/2012 & 5/16/2012
  12. Beacon Rock
  13. Lake Isabel
  14. Mount Zion
  15. Guemes Island
  16. Cama Beach & Camano Island State Parks
  17. Little Mountain (have to include it because it's in my back yard!)  5/25/2012
  18. Mount Erie in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands (ACFL) 6/2012
  19. Sugarloaf in the ACFL  05/27/2012
  20. Washington Park in its entirety (also close to home)
  21. Lake Dorothy
  22. Pyramid Lake
  23. Cascade Pass-Sahale Arm to Stehekin
  24. Iron Goat Trail
  25. Barclay Lake
  26. Ebey Landing 8/2012
  27. Heliotrope Ridge
  28. Excelsior Mountain
  29. Ptarmigan Ridge
  30. Artist Point
  31. Wallace Falls
  32. Maple Pass loop (counter-clockwise)
  33. Railroad Grade
  34. Bridal Veil Falls & Lake Serene
  35. Icicle Gorge Loop
  36. Rainy Lake 9/5/2012
  37. Little Cranberry Lake
  38. Heart Lake 4/30/2012
  39. Anderson & Watson Lakes 9/25/2012
  40. Skyline Divide
  41. Oyster Dome in Larrabee State Park  9/05/2011
  42. Fragrance Lake     8/28/2011
  43. Eightmile Lake
  44. Scott Paul Trail
  45. Lake Caroline
  46. Heybrook Lookout
  47. Barclay Lake
  48. Evergreen Mountain
  49. Anderson Butte Trail
  50. Cow Heaven
  51. Yellow Aster Butte   9/07/11
  52. Skagit Wildlife Refuse  7/04/12
  53. Devil's Dome
  54. High Divide Olympic National Park
  55. Gray Wolf River
  56. Lord Hill Regional Park

I would also like to do as many miles of the Pacific Crest Trail as possible between Highway 2 and the Canadian border. We shall see.
Sunny winter day!

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